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Bitcoin Jesus and Bitcoin Judas: The Importance of Bitcoin Advisors

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Bitcoin Jesus and Bitcoin Judas: The Importance of Bitcoin Advisors

In a leaderless, decentralized movement two figures emerge as Bitcoin Jesus and Bitcoin Judas. Andreas Antonopoulos and Roger Ver as archetypal Bitcoin figures, and the importance of Bitcoin advisors to beginners, hodlers, and Bitcoin junkies everywhere.

The Bitcoin community is a passionate one. Memes and arguments frequently teeter on the edge of opinion and philosophy and occasionally spill over to the realm of religiousness. For this reason popular Bitcoin personalities are either anointed as saints or castigated as demons. The volatility of the market and the euphoria of Bitcoin’s historic rise combined with the reverence for the revolutionary new technology and its potential, has tinged discussions with an heir of righteousness. Within these complicated technical discussions and disagreements lay the keys to adopting Bitcoin responsibly. For the uneducated newcomer, navigating the players and information can be overwhelming. Profiling two of Bitcoin’s biggest figures in the form of their biblical counterparts should be a helpful start to anyone trying to decipher the code. Introducing “Bitcoin Jesus” and “Bitcoin Judas”, Andreas Antonopoulos and Roger Ver.

Andreas Antonopoulos = “Bitcoin Jesus”

Bitcoin Jesus
Andreas Antonopoulos aka “Bitcoin Jesus”

The moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” is not haphazardly bestowed. Nobody has done more to educate Bitcoin newcomers and enthusiasts than Andreas Antonopoulos. The man has dedicated his life and professional career to Bitcoin and its adoption. He is passionate and self-described as “obsessed” with the new technology and the potential it offers. In addition he is a fully invested participant, claiming to use Bitcoin as his income and everyday currency. He is a true believer in Bitcoin. His YouTube channel is the unmatched depository for Bitcoin wisdom, information, technical discussion, advice, and beginner tutorials. Everyone should reference his Youtube channel for a better understanding of Bitcoin issues.

The Supporting Evidence

  • He has authored two books, Mastering Bitcoin, and The Internet of Money. A third, Mastering Ethereum, is on the way. Mastering Bitcoin is recommended for those more well-versed on the technical side of things. The Internet of Money is written for those less familiar with the technical side and focuses on the broader concepts of why Bitcoin is important. I highly recommend reading either or both of these books.
  • His YouTube channel is an unparalleled resource. It is frequently updated with Q&A’s, discussions on hot new topics, and videos of his speaking engagements around the world. Beginners should delve into the library which contains introductory information, advice for storage, how to buy, and other common requests from newcomers to Bitcoin. Simply search your desired topic and you are sure to leave his channel smarter than when you came in. His videos are also chopped up into quick, easily digestible clips for maximum convenience.
  • Antonopoulos has made his name traveling internationally as a public speaker. He speaks at conferences and events across the world. He has described how his initial speaking engagements were sometimes empty rooms, but he has built his following in conjunction with the rise of Bitcoin and is now the most sought after and well-respected Bitcoin advocate in the community. I recommend Twitter users follow him if you havent already.

Roger Ver = “Bitcoin Judas”

Bitcoin Jesus Bitcoin Judas
“Bitcoin Judas”

Roger Ver’s intelligence is undeniable. His understanding of technology, his wealth, experience, and ability to generate profit in the free market, are unquestionable. He is a successful entrepreneur and an early advocate and proponent of Bitcoin. He was even deemed the original “Bitcoin Jesus” before everything went awry. However, despite his numerous abilities, Roger Ver runs afoul of the Bitcoin community more than any other person. He has a fragile ego and defensive personality. But more than his personal traits, Roger Ver has displayed a disturbing tendency to manipulate the truth, trick, and deceive his way to his goals. This is unfortunate because his skillset and prominence in the field indicate he shouldn’t need to resort to unsavory tactics. Ultimately I urge readers to review Roger Ver’s history of behavior and come to their own conclusions.

The Supporting Evidence

  • The infamous video with John Carvalho is worth watching in its entirety, the discussion is an interesting back and forth but the meltdown takes place in the last 5 minutes of the video.

  • Roger Ver really seems intent on deceiving the ignorant beginner. One tactic he uses to confuse people is the hijacking of the brand name “Bitcoin”.  He repeatedly refers to his own rival coin as simply “Bitcoin” when it in fact is “Bitcoin Cash”. This is understandably confusing to anyone who is unprepared. The original Bitcoin is the coin most new users are interested in. He owns which offers wallets and other products but once again his domain and co-opting of the Bitcoin name is tricky. When reading or speaking with him or any of his disciples it is important to clearly distinguish between “Bitcoin Cash” and the original “Bitcoin”, which Roger Ver refers to as “Bitcoin Core”.  He is attempting to conflate the terms and co-opt the valuable Bitcoin brand name. By stealing this advantage his mission to make Bitcoin Cash the predominant cryptocurrency would become much easier. Below is an example of his deceptive rhetoric which is no longer subtle:

  • Roger Ver’s expertise is often mistakenly trusted by media outlets. Because of his strong presence and deep involvement in the industry he is a frequent guest on news programs who dont understand the topic they are broadcasting. For that reason thousands, perhaps millions, of vulnerable people are exposed to Roger Ver’s misleading espousals. The unfortunate consequence is that people looking to enter the Bitcoin phenomenon to either make money, or learn more, are entering with a skewed understanding.
  • Roger Ver and co-conspirators have been accused by many of attempting to overthrow Bitcoin by manipulating prices and launching coordinated attacks on Bitcoin. By allegedly dumping massive amounts of Bitcoin and pumping the price of Bitcoin Cash Roger Ver has been accused of trying to overthrow Bitcoin and its status as the king of cryptocurrency. In response to the recent accusations of insider trading during the Coinbase/Bitcoin Cash fiasco Roger Ver commented “I think insider trading is a non-crime.”  on CNBC (linked below):

  • Finally the most compelling argument against Roger Ver and his Bitcoin Cash movement is that it deviates from the most essential aspects of Bitcoin. The reason Bitcoin is revolutionary is not because it is cyber money. Bitcoin is revolutionary because it is a decentralized and uncensored monetary system that cannot be controlled by anyone, any group of people, or any government. Roger Ver and Bitcoin Cash do not operate in a decentralized way. Everything from their mining community to the face of their coin, Roger Ver, suggests central authority and leadership. Decisions are controlled by their leaders and not the community consensus. To put it simply, Roger Ver manipulates prices, media, and language to achieve personal profit. This may be good for Roger Ver, but its not good for Bitcoin and its community.

Conclusion and the Importance of Advisors

Bitcoin technology is complex. There are very few of us who fully understand all the technical considerations, security measures, and economic significance of the technology. But the world and Bitcoin both need each other. People need to enter this new frontier with good information. They need to be able to discern fraudsters from friends. Even a little background research helps us make our own reasoned decisions but in a sphere this complex we rely on experts and trusted navigators to guide us. The voices that influence us need to be the right ones.

Two of the voices that rise above the din in cryptocurrency today are Andreas Antonopoulos and Roger Ver. Their message, tone, and demeanor strikingly contrast each other. One is “Bitcoin Jesus”, one is “Bitcoin Judas”. It is not right to give any man the levels of infallibility and damnation that come with those two titles. I discourage the worship of anyone. However the importance of listening to the right advisors, and filtering out the fraudsters, is of utmost importance to vulnerable people entering a volatile reality.

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