demonizing the republican party is a bad idea

Why Demonizing the Republican Party is a Bad Idea

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Why Demonizing the Republican Party is a Bad Idea

Free Market of Ideas

The success of the United States is based on competition and free markets. The marketplace of ideas and political opinion is no different. In a country with only two political parties, demonizing the Republican party is a bad idea. The competition between parties keeps both sharp and ensures that political movements reflect the will of the people. Just as a monopoly throws a market into unbalanced chaos, so does a two party political system in which one party is demonized by colluding opponents.

Murderous Accusations

In the wake of the tragic Parkland shooting, media outlets have blamed groups like the NRA as complicit. Faulty logic has attempted to lay guilt for murder on the hands of Republican politicians for accepting campaign donations from the NRA. This dangerous thought process is not only wrong but threatens our whole political system when presented as an unbiased and moral argument. Political mudslinging is an American pastime, however implicating the rival political party as murderers in the wake of a national tragedy goes beyond the pale. Powerful emotional language evoking symbols of bloody hands is irresponsible.

Dangers of Uniformity of Thought

It is natural to want to make persuasive arguments, however uniformity of thought is undesirable. Healthy competition of political ideas is good and dirty politics is to be expected, but demonization is dangerous. Without a rival political party the direction of the remaining one is sure to go wayward. The two party system is a system of checks and balances that limits government power. Runaway power for one political party is a recipe for persecution, slavery, and death. Our greatest rivals don’t need to be admired or even respected, but they should not be dehumanized, destroyed, and disposed of.

Importance of Conceding Common Ground

Republican and Democratic Americans are united in their opposition against mass murder and dead schoolchildren, however the way the battle is being fought they may never concede that obvious common ground. To deny that common ground from each other is to enter into debate with the only solution being total destruction of the opposite party. If that is allowed to happen, our country cannot survive.

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