Donald Trump and Roy Moore, Sexual Misconduct and a King in Check

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Donald Trump and Roy Moore, Sexual Misconduct and a King in Check

A Moral Choice for Trump

Many people were surprised when Donald Trump so willingly and vociferously supported Roy Moore for the Senate special election in Alabama. It seemed too unnatural for the President of the United States to attach his name to a character accused of being a child predator. Those who believed the President possessed a boundary of decency were revealed to be naive when Mr. Trump stumped for Roy Moore via Twitter and later at a rally in Pensacola, FL.  However, supporting Roy Moore was never about morality to Donald Trump, it was about his own vulnerability. Supporting Roy Moore was the only choice for a man who values self-preservation above all else.

A Presidential Dilemma, A King in Check

Considering the whirlwind of events since the public damnation of Harvey Weinstein and the momentous #MeToo movement, President Trump must have been insecure about the status of his own dormant scandals. His offenses reared themselves at a time when the climate was less consequential and before his controversial campaign turned into a presidency tormented by investigation. Seeing formerly untouchable power players like Weinstein toppled by the downtrodden echoes of their past had to have been worrisome for Mr. Trump.

Knowing it is likely the accusations against him will be reexamined, Trump cannot afford to denounce anyone in a similar position to his own.  This political reality creates a situation where the leader of the free world is incapable of criticizing and repudiating any man accused of sexual misconduct, including Roy Moore, for fear of being labelled a hypocrite. Factor in the importance of not losing a Senate seat (vacated by his own Attorney General) in a Republican stronghold and the decision to support Roy Moore was the move of a king in check, morals be damned.

A Double Standard

What does a country tell itself and its children when their freely elected leader is a man who cannot denounce a candidate facing multiple accusations of child molestation and sexual misconduct, for risk of self-implication?  Across the country Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood studios, music conglomerates, and media networks are reacting to an indignant public by terminating the employment of disgraced high-profile employees accused of sexual misconduct.  Meanwhile that same indignant public is forced to accept and tolerate elected politicians who retain their entrusted appointments while apathetically waving away serious allegations with ambiguous excuses such as “I dont remember…”.  It is unfortunate that, living in a democracy, our corporations are more reactive to our demands than our government. An elected position is more impenetrable than any other American occupation, we grant them their positions but we cannot take them away.

A Conclusion of No Return

This is a clear indication that our government is pervasively corrupt and insulated by a shameless infection that begins at the highest office. If Donald Trump ever did possess a boundary of decency, we can rest assured that his moral point of no return has since passed.


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