The Princess: #MeToo Momentum Fuels Machiavellian Strategy on Abortion and Brett Kavanaugh

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The Princess: #MeToo Momentum Fuels Machiavellian Strategy on Abortion and Brett Kavanaugh

How Popular is Legalized Abortion?

Legalized abortion is supported by approximately 60% of Americans and opposed by 40% of Americans. Isolated for gender, these ratios are maintained fairly closely as shown in the graph below. 40% is a minority but not an insignificant one. A 40% minority is not a population that can be dismissed or ignored as irrelevant. An opinion held by 40% of the population is not an unpopular opinion.

Although 40% of women oppose abortion, media, celebrity, and pop culture messaging would have you believe abortion is a one-sided women’s issue. This is simply untrue. The issue of abortion is not men vs. women or oppressive men telling women what to do with their bodies, as leftists and Democrats like to frame it. It is a complicated moral decision that does not break down as neatly as the oversimplified “Pro-Choice” and “Pro-Life” political taglines want you to believe.

Pro-life and pro-choice activists gather at the Supreme Court for the National March for Life rally in Washington January 27, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein – RC18896B8B20

Enter Brett Kavanaugh

With those 60/40 numbers in mind, consider the current Brett Kavanaugh controversy. Kavanaugh has been vilified as morally unfit for a Supreme Court position from the beginning of his appointment for one reason; his personal opposition to abortion. At no point has Kavanaugh indicated he would reverse Roe vs. Wade. However, since Kavanaugh is personally against abortion (a perfectly reasonable position shared by 40% of his fellow Americans) and perhaps because of his religious affiliation as a Catholic and Catholicism’s own views on abortion, his confirmation has been resisted by the Left with especially hostile vitriol. This indicates how overwhelmingly important the abortion issue is to the Left and Democrats. Because its not about Kavanaugh, its about abortion.

A woman stands and voices her opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, during a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination for Supreme Court, on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

While the protests and demonstrations against Kavanaugh from the Left were a dramatic and appalling show of disgust toward his personal opinions, his appointment was never in doubt because of the Republicans Senate majority. In reality the futile spectacle was theater for the inevitable result of Kavanaugh being confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice. Or so people assumed.

Machiavelli’s Prince is now the #MeToo Princess

It should not surprise any American that this seemingly inevitable conclusion, based on the rules of our government, was interrupted by an exception. Abortion is an issue that Democrats and the Left are fully willing to break precedent and law over. The ends justify the means. To Democrats, keeping a threat to legalized abortion off the Court is worth a sexual assault accusation, whether it is true or not, whether it is legitimate, corroborated, supported by evidence…or not.

With this understanding it should have been predictable that Kavanaugh would be accused of criminal behavior. To maximize attention and credibility the #MeToo movement and its momentum was politically weaponized. Even more effectively the accusations are seemingly impossible to disprove (something that would not be a problem for any other crime since the burden of proof resides with the accuser). Instead of having to fear an accuser who can prove his guilt, Kavanaugh is forced to fear an accusation he cannot disprove himself. Asked to prove a negative, Kavanaugh cannot do much to defend himself. The lingering stench of the accusation in this political climate is enough to throw the confirmation vote in doubt.

Harnessing #MeToo Against Political Rivals

Utilizing the Republicans hesitance to be perceived as bullies to a possible victim of sexual assault, the accuser and her lawyers have toyed with the Senate Judiciary Committee, making demands and setting conditions that seem irrelevant, extraordinary, unprecedented, and largely stall tactics as they present and pull back various negotiation terms.

Nobody knows if the accusations are true, which makes every politician’s claims to believe one or the other nothing more than personal preference, political bias, meaningless intuition, or wishful thinking. Nobody’s opinion on who is telling the truth is important at all since everyone has the same vague information. You cannot assume the integrity of the accuser without assuming the guilt of the accused, and vice-versa. All told it is irresponsible and unproductive to hold an opinion at all in a formal sense. Without further information or testimony from the parties involved, it is a farce to act as though we know anything.

Despite this logical reality, numerous messages such as the video compiled by Hollywood celebrities and pseudo-celebrities below, continue to make presumptions that are impossible to reach without severe bias. These pointed opinions are not based on the truth of whether Kavanaugh committed sexual assault, but on his personal opinions against abortion. The #MeToo movement and the sensitivity around it have created an atmosphere in which the Left and Democrats can make up ground on their Senate vote disadvantage with a vague accusation, at least until the midterm vote shifts the voting balance or either one of Kavanaugh and his accuser are proved to be lying.

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